Monday, October 21, 2013

Escape Event ~ Soma Systems Workshop

As I sit here and write this I can easily pick out about 20 muscles that could use some good kneading. I spend way too much time sitting in front of this little flashbox and my back pays the price. There isn't always someone around to help out with a good massage, which is why I've been in the market for ways to melt away tension on my own. I've tried rollers, tennis balls, socks full of marbles... all have been ok but not amazing. This is why I'm super excited about the Soma System workshops coming to Escape Aerial Arts November 9th. I haven't yet tried this system my self, but everyone I've spoken to about the system has amazing reviews.

The benefit of Soma System for you if you are:
* Athletic or in a physically-demanding line of work: You may get a performance boost as a result of better-nourished muscles, improved proprioception, and more restful sleep.
 * A health professional: You’ll learn to care for yourself after a long shift, and If it’s within your scope of practice, you can share relevant techniques with your clients and patients. If they want to know more, you’ll have access to materials on this website and links to published studies that affirm Soma System’s core concepts.
 * A yogi or meditation practitioner: The mindfulness component of Soma System may support deeper and more subtle experiences in your yoga and/or meditation practice.
* Human: As your practice matures and your body strengthens, the deepest unconscious layers of muscle guarding will likely relent. Gains will show up in different parts of your life: maybe you’ll have more endurance, better posture, more flexibility, better respiratory function. You may sleep better and thus become more patient. Of course there’s no silver bullet; you’ll still be human, entirely capable of having good days and bad, headaches and fatigue, but Soma System will equip you with the tools needed to meet those challenges.

Escape will be offering 2 workshops this November:
 Hips & Hammies Workshop for Aerial Artists Melt away tightness in your hips and hammies with two hours of deep tissue Soma System practice–a holistic self-bodywork method that fuses movement and meditation with the use of specially-designed tools. Restore balance along the back of your body by elongating your neck; settling your shoulders; unbinding tension in your lower back and hips (especially your psoas); promoting glide and mobility deep in your hamstrings; and grounding through the feet to manifest stability in each step.
Shoulders & Spine Workshop for Aerial Artists Aerial Dancers and Pole Athletes: Melt away tightness in your shoulders and spine with two hours of deep tissue Soma System practice–a holistic self-bodywork method that fuses movement and meditation with the use of specially-designed tools. Restore lightness from your toes to your head by unlocking your hips and lengthening your abdomen; giving a lift to your ribcage and chest (extra emphasis on pec minor!); and thoroughly unwinding fascial restriction in your shoulder girdle, neck, and arms.

Join us before the busy holiday season sets in and learn how to:
1. Identify your areas of restriction (by drawing your attention into your body)
2. Release your restrictions with Soma System tools and techniques
3. Circulate oxygen and nutrients throughout your body to promote healing
4. Flush out inflammation and accumulated acidic metabolic waste
5. Restore your health, mobility, posture, and sleep
Enjoy these benefits:
  • Increases: Circulation, energy, flexibility, range of motion, body awareness.
  • Decreases: Stress, muscle spasms, inflammation, tissue adhesions, pain.
  • Improves: Posture, sleep, movement, breathing, mobility, balance, athletic performance.
I will post results after the workshops! You can read them here, or JOIN US and experience them for yourself!