Friday, October 11, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back or Taking Sexy out??? November Blog Hop (& SEXY GIVEAWAY!!!!)

The battle within... Less Sexy??? More Sporty??? Let's face it, pole is all of that. Sexy, emotional and athletic. And then some.

There's no denying if you've ever been to a pole class (done right) that pole dancing is a form of expressiveness as well as gymnastics. You dance. You must be able to control all of your muscles. Lifting your body weight to smoothly and safety perform poses and transitions that come together to create a beautiful routine. All of this at the expense of your poor bruised feet, ankles, shins, knees, hips, waist, armpits, neck, etc. Pain aside, performers train for hours every day to improve their technique. This takes a certain type of.... dedication. These are athletes.

As I am still fairly new to the pole world my thoughts on the subject of sexiness and pole fitness were simple. If you want to dance sexy, dance sexy. If you have a more athletic style, more power to you. But just recently I was shown exactly how much the sanitization of pole dance is actually affecting the sport.
Last Monday my studio had the pleasure of hosting Australian pole star, Jamilla Daville. We worked through a choreography routine where she taught us to do a little "bounce" after landing in a split to make up for landing early. Everyone in class loved this sexy little move and wanted to do it each time we performed the routine, early to the drop or not.

When Jamilla said you would be marked down in a competition for a bounce like this because it was "suggestive" I was shocked.. "Take the fun, flirty part of the routine that all the girls loved and wanted to do out... you will get a better score." Say what?! All the athleticism is still there, there's just some sexy thrown in. Should we be marked down for that if that is our style, our way of expressing ourselves? Isn't that art?? Isn't there room for both sexiness and sportiness in the pole world, intertwined?

It's an intoxicating mix, the obvious fitness bonuses of strength, endurance, flexibility & killer abs — with, well … sexiness.

 I understand the other side. The only way to get the sport to be seen as legitimate is through strict rules. A dress code, a catalog of acceptable poses. Sexual movements needed to be outlawed to some degree at this point for the sport to be considered a sport. Hopefully this will change. Competitions aside at least pole class can still be a safe place to express yourself. 

Here's the giveaway part!!!! If you love sexy or want to experience it but are a little intimidated, Escape Aerial Arts is hosting USPDF Miss Sexy 2010, Karol Helms on Sunday October 20th
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