Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Train Ride Update

One good thing about taking the train to work? It gives me time to post. Something I haven't done in quite awhile. This summer has been crazy. I can't form a complete thought in my mind, forget about getting it up on the blog.

A quick sum up: painting is just about done at the studio. We have a small spot on the ceiling and we're done.

The custom rigging is being manufactured, signs are being made and I'm working on getting our point of sale software going.

We are still looking at August 17 as an opening date but if the rigging isn't done it may get pushed back another week. It's ok though, I would rather be sure our students and instructors are completely safe then open sooner!

Our schedule is now up on the website. Check it out and start planning your classes!! www.escapeaerialarts.com

Next week is Milan Summer Pole Camp! I cannot wait. I have been so absorbed in the business side of opening the studio that I haven't had much time to pole. This vacation is exactly what I need to get back into the physical sport. I have no clue how I will ever be ready for the Supershag competition in September. May have bitten off more than I can chew with that one.

Oh well, I have the Art of Sexy workshop at The Girl Spot in CT tomorrow night. Maybe I will pull some routine ideas from that.

Pulling into Back Bay, so the workday begins. 80 degrees and beautiful out, let's go spend the entire day in a drab cubicle! Weeeee.