Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life in Rewind: Things I Would Have Told My Future Self

The Blog hop topic for June is "Things I wish I knew before I started pole dancing". My life since I began pole dancing, just 13 short months ago, has been a whirlwind. So many changes so quickly! If I could go back to that fateful day in May of 2012 this may be what the conversation with my "future self" would sound like:

Current Me: "This may sound crazy to you, but your life is about to change. Drastically. Right here, right now. You know that feeling you've been having? That nagging feeling? That feeling that something is missing? That your job isn't fulfilling and you aren't doing what you were meant to do? That your body wasn't made to sit in a cubicle all day glued to a computer under florescent lighting? All that is about to change."

 PAST ME: "I call Shenanigans! This is just one pole class. I'm sure I won't even like it. I'm going to try it just to try it. An hour workout then I go home. Nothing more"

 Current Me: "Oh, you silly, silly girl. You are about to become an addict. You will soon be attending 3+ classes per week, be covered in bruises and be loving it. Heed my advice...

* Start saving money now! Pole is an expensive hobby! There are so many cute pole clothes on the market... plus you'll have to keep your toe nails looking pretty, they'll be on display year round! Did I mention how much it costs to put a pole in the living room? And Pole camp during the summer. Plus, all those conditioning classes...

* Be ready to work HARD. Pole is a difficult sport. If you put more time and energy in from the beginning you would be much farther along when you become ME! Stay motivated and stay strong.

* Clean out the fridge and kitchen cabinets. With this new love comes a whole new perspective on food. Food is no longer all the processed junk you've been eating. "Food" is now clean, provided by nature. Food is meant to fuel your body. It is not there for you to eat as much as you can and then sit on the couch all night.

* Oh, and did I mention that in less than a year you were going to become a certified pole instructor? Yes, YOU! You who has been inactive for way too long now will be heading out to New York for a weekend of intense pole instruction. Learning how to teach, how to spot, how to motivate. Are you ready for that?!

Ooooh, and I can't forget to mention... A little over a year from now you will be opening your own pole studio! Yes, this sport is going to inspire and motivate you so much that you are going to want to spend your days teaching others the joys of pole dancing! Don't worry, your family and friends will be more than supportive. The decision you are making right now to try this class is one of the most life changing decisions you have made. Now get in there and work your butt off! Oh, and be nice to Maggie, she will be right there with your through your journey."

Of course past me would never listen to current me because past me is too stubborn to do what current me suggests. Confused? Current me too.