Thursday, June 20, 2013

June is almost over!

It's been a crazzzzzzzzzzzy month. Once we found our space everything started moving at super speed. Not to mention I jumped with both feet into a full metabolic conditioning and strength training regimen. I dead lifted for the first time today and it felt great! (I'm a little worried about what it will feel like tomorrow, but as of right now I can't wait to get back in there!) I have Fly Gym instructor certification this weekend, 8 hours of intensive training, I'm hoping I'm not too sore by then. But enough about me, back to the business stuff. The landlord is working on our space now. Removing the middle room, fixing up the floor, removing the cieling fans (cieling fans are NOT our friends! Think Charlie from the Willie Wonka movie!) we are supposed to be moving in as of July 1st. A week and a half! OMG. I'm not prepared!!!

I plan on getting our software set up early next week, get our insurance all set up, etc etc. I feel like I'm forgetting everything! If anyone out there has ever opened a pole/aerial studio and you feel like spreading your wisdom, please do!