Friday, May 31, 2013

All Signed Up!

I just signed up for my first competition, OMG, so nervous!! How am I going to compete on stage? I have butterflies in my belly just filling out the entry form. I will be competing in the Supershag Pole Fitness Championships in Boston this September. This gives me about 3 months to prepare... I need a song!

This pressure should be good for me, now I HAVE to workout every day. I need the push, the end goal. Otherwise it's hard to motivate myself. Soooo nervous/excited! Does anyone have any advice to give a first time competitor?

No new news on Escape yet. The studio space we wanted to use is out now because of the inspection issues. No handicapped access, yada yada, yada. Looking for new spaces now, trying to keep the rent low so we can offer great prices to our members. Not a task easily accomplished. Hopefully we will find a great location this month. It's do or die time!

I haven't been blogging much the last few months. Work is getting busy as is home life with baseball games 3 times a week plus practices, homework, playing outside, planning a business and trying to get caught up on Dexter before the new season! More coming soon, I promise! And I will be back on the blog hop, I swear! I miss it!!!