Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Studio Update

Starting this business has been an emotional roller coaster. We were flying along with our heads in the clouds and then, Bam! A road block sends us to a screeching halt. A road block in the form of wheelchair access. The building has no elevator. We didn't do any work at all on the studio this past weekend. It was depressing. I hate to put any more work in to find out that we can't open there. We have someone who works on business retention for the city dealing with the zoning commissioner (His name is NOT commissioner Gordon, and he has NO sense of humor) hopefully we will hear some good news today.

The weekend before, however, we worked our butts off. Dusting the beams, sweeping, painting, dancing, eating. We had a bunch of great helpers up there working and playing. If the zoning thing works out the studio is going to be gorgeous. We had a great day and are thankful to everyone who came out to help.