Friday, March 15, 2013

All About Accessories!!! What's in my pole bag...

Wow, it's the middle of March all ready! Time is seriously flying by! Spring is just around the corner, it's light out later now, the snow is melting and things are already blooming in my life. This season is going to be so full of excitement.

The blog hop topic this month is pole goodies that we love. To me exercise is half about working out, half about having fun accessories. Here's what's in my pole bag:

~ Dry Hands. This is my favorite grip aid.
~ A pair of  Mighty Grip gloves, after an hour of poling grip aids no longer work for me.
~ Mighty Grip ankle and shin guards for doing lots of climbing

~ Extra long leg warmers. My favorite warm up accessory. They sell some great ones at and comfy.
~ Heel to Toe Peppermint Sloughing foot lotion. Believe it or not, you put this stuff on your skin and then apply Dry Hands or your favorite grip aid and it lasts A LOT longer! I got this little tip during Xpert training.
 ~ knee pads for stretching and floor work
~ A good pair of pole shorts. My favorite right now are a pair of red "keep calm and pole dance" booty shorts from PoleiticalClothing )
~ Arnica cream is what Heaven is made of.

~ Aveeno. I have really dry, sensitive skin. I get eczema all year long. I can't go without moisturizer. I don't know what it is about Aveeno, but I can use it to moisturize and still stick to the pole right after. Brilliant!
~Music. Since all my music is on my iphone, I never leave home without it.
~ A roll of medical tape (or duck tape / masking tape) for when the feet start to get bruised. This also helps prevent wrist burn.
~ ice packs (ok, this actually isn't in my pole bag. But it should be) Just in cases.
~ pen and notebook to record inspirations
~ My camera to take pics and videos
~ Ball of feet socks. These are great if you're doing a lot of spins.
~ Body spray / deodorant
~ Pocket for jewelry. Jewelry and pole don't mix.
~ protein shake with spring shaker - for mixing on the go
~ water bottle
~ Hair elastics & bobby pins
~ ballet slippers
~ My awesome hand exerciser from Everything Pole Dancing, one of my favorite places to spend lots of time online!
~ My new pair of teasers platforms (love!!)
~ Comfy sports bra.
Not in my bag but good stuff!!
My favorite pole to use is the chrome Xpole 45 mil. 50 is a little too big for my dainty little hands.
~ Allan key - to get spinny!
~ Hula hoop  - because they're awesome!
~ yoga mat
~ Crash mat
 ~ Rocking Legs and Abs with Cleo the Hurricane!
 Going through Mommy's pole bag

These are some of my favorite things. What's in your pole bag?

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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Looks like the studio space is going to work out!!! We were there today taking measurements and it looks like we'll have about 1900 usable sqaure feet. So much can be done with that space! Sooooo excited!!