Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 ~ My Pole Inception

May 6th, 2012. One day that started an obsession. My first pole class. As the year comes to an end it's a perfect time to look back and reflect on lessons learned, goals achieved, wins and losses. 7 months ago when I stood in that first class feeling awkward, weak, and clumsy I never thought that I was on my way to coming into my own.

That first month of classes didn't go so well. It was a choreography class that moved a little too fast for my learning style. I need to take things slow and repeat, repeat, repeat. By the end of it I still didn't know the routine and could barely lift myself off the ground. I felt about as graceful as a sack of potatoes. But determination had set in so I stuck it out another month. I could feel myself getting a little stronger but not enough to really advance in skill level. The realization hit me that once a week was not going to be enough if I was going to get good at this. I bought a monthly unlimited membership to DL and (thanks to my loving family) started spending more time in the studio. Since then it's been a slow steady climb, but I can feel it... improvement.

In October I reached my first goal. An inverted crucifix. The mount was assisted and less than graceful, but I held on as tight as i could with my poor little knees and then i did the unthinkable. I let go!

And there it is, the moment I realized I was hooked. (literally) I got my first outside leg hang down in November, pulled off a dragonfly and even managed a leg switch (holy ouch)!

November 1st DL moved to a new, much larger studio and I was introduced to the amazing world of aerial silks. A new love was born. That first class I learned to climb and key, I also completed the first balance sequence by the end of those four weeks, and this month I am trying to master the "candy cane". There is no better feeling than finally getting that trick you've been working on down. (or up, as the case may be.)

                                                  (This pic is my first attempt! So proud!!)

In early December I attended my first pole jam with Samantha Star. This was my first time getting instruction from someone outside the studio, it was so much fun. I learned new moves, new style and new outlooks. She focuses on building blocks and gave me a lot to work on that will help me get strong and improve muscle memory. I hope that I can do many more pole activities in the coming year and meet many more members of the pole community. Everyone has their own style and every single pole cat out there is an inspiration.

Ok, here we go, pole goals for 2013:
~ Spend 2- 3 days per week at the studio for at least 2 hours each day
~ Chopper, chopper, chopper! (one of my failures of 2012)
~ Convert to a mostly paleo diet to help build muscle and advance
~ Attend pole jams and workshops outside my comfort zone
~ Go to X-Pole training session in January and make the most of it!!!
~ Make it through intermediate pole to advanced
~ Try an Aerial hoop
~ Perfect climbing (both pole and silks)
~ Remember to take things slow
~ Make new pole friends and continue to be inspired!

I'm really excited about the upcoming year. I feel big changes on the horizon, I can't wait to share them with all of you.


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