Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm coming out (so you better get this party started)

This months blog hop topic is coming out of the pole closet. Being new
to the pole community my experience on this topic is limited but
overall mostly positive.

When I first went to the pole studio it wasn't for a pole class. It
was hula hoop that brought me in the door and I must admit it was
rather reluctantly. My expectations of a pole studio included a bunch
of Barbie doll shaped bitchy bleached blondes. That couldn't have been
further from the truth. There were women of all ages, shapes and
sizes. All friendly, confident and super supportive of each other.

A community.

And beyond my wildest expectations, I fit in there. In fact, I feel
like I've known these girls forever, and now I can't imagine life
without them.

Of Course I feel ridiculous for my prior stereotyping. But this is the
stigma society has placed on this sport, leaving it up to those of us
who love it to change this way of thinking.

How have reactions to my new love been? Well, there's my husband. He
was the one who pushed me to take a pole class in the first place.
"You'll never know if you like it if you don't try". Too true. (He
held the spot light at the opening party. Best job ever)

My family. My mom is totally supportive and came to the DL grand
opening. As did my two sisters. One of whom just finished her first
pole class and the other wants to sign up as soon as she has some
money. My dad laughs at my shenanigans but would be happy for me if I
finally found my way out of corporate America.

Then there are my friends. So far all have been supportive. Some said
"Uummmm, good for you but that's not for me." Others have said "I wanna
take a class with you!"

So, after reading some of the other coming out stories, some involving
tears, I believe I am blessed with amazing family and friends. I only
hope that it continues this way as I'm only a few months in. Either
way, it's all good now. I have the pole dance community to lean on and
gain strength from. I am thankful for all of you.

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Much love!