Thursday, November 1, 2012

A.K.A. - My Pole Persona

I LOVE Halloween. Always have. Here in New England we have the beautiful Autumn colors and and that tantalizing fragrance of fallen leaves. My mom always went over the top and made Halloween extra special with handmade costumes and the best Halloween parties for all my friends. Our house was always one of the most decorated in the neighborhood. I'm talking fog machines and scary music, a graveyard in the front yard and family members dressed up waiting to scare kids as they come up the walkway. Heaven.

The best part is on this day it is socially acceptable to "dress up". Being able to say "I'm not Beth, I'm Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile!" It's the one day a year you can be whoever, or whatever you desire. "I'm gonna wear a vampire cape, fangs and a big pink tutu to work today and that's ok! It's Halloween!"

I love the idea of changing your whole persona. Having multiple yous. Over this Halloween season I've been thinking a lot about creating a "pole persona". A lot of people use them for various reasons. When I'm dancing or doing tricks I transform from the mom of two who sits on the sidelines at soccer games and works on a computer in a cubicle all day long into the "Flying Bambino!" of my childhood dreams. So I have decided to create a pole alias.

I went through a lot of options but kept coming back to the same name. Emmalyne Lilly. Emmalyne is a name I heard once in a novel and immediately fell in love. I can't exactly explain why, it just struck me as old worldly and elegant. Lilies were the main flower in my wedding bouquet and the one flower I raise (and baby) in my back yard.

So, if you see Emmalyne on the pole blogs say hello! I would love to hear the stories of where everyone else got their pole names!

Halloween love,
Emmalyne (!!)

Update 1/4/2013:
Soooo, I'm not feeling it anymore. I gave it a try and I love that name but I want my real name to better fit with my pole persona so I can use them interchangeably. I decided I will go with Elysabeth. This may be less confusing to all (especially me) as I start to blog more and become more involved with the pole community.

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