Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spaghetti Arms

It seems the universe has been against me working out lately. From a phone call in the middle of pole class informing me of a gas leak in my house and having to rush from class; to being confined to the house without power by hurricane Sandy. For one reason or another I haven't had an hour pole class in over a week.

Long hiatuses make me worry about muscle memory. I have spaghetti arms. No matter how hard I try, I can't get any definition in them. Then I finally start feeling stronger and somehow a week goes by... How long can you go without poling before you lose the muscle memory and have to start over again?

When I first started I was taking classes once a week. I found advancing near impossible. For me I require at least twice a week in order to move forward. Is it the same or similar for everyone? Does diet play a more important role than I realize? (Meaning to work on this...)

I plan on taking at least 3 classes a week for the month of November. My goal for the month is simple: to be able to invert myself somewhat gracefully without help. Hopefully 3 classes a week will get me there before Thanksgiving. Patience is so not my thing!

Maybe Santa will bring me a pole for Christmas. Practice every day would be a dream come true!

I hope all my east coast people are safe and sound after the hurricane!

Much love,