Thursday, October 18, 2012


When I was little my mom used to play a game with my sister and me, she would lay back on her bed and balance us on her feet above her head. She called us "The Flying Bambinos!" and said we would be trapeze stars someday. I had this vision of myself in a white sequined ensemble, all glimmering radiantly as I soar through the air under the big top. Alas, that dream never materialized. Even now as I hunker at my desk job under the yellowing florescent lighting, I still carry that fantasy in the back of my consciousness. I try to add a bit of sparkle to everything I do, but I'm finding the office more and more draining and depressing. I'm full of aches and pains from sitting at a computer all day and my mind has turned to pudding from the uninspired monotony of the day to day routine. I am looking for a creative outlet. Something to get the mind and the blood flowing. Something to make the inner child squee.

I tried yoga, which I do enjoy, but it just didn't have the level of fun i was seeking. I took a belly dance class when I was pregnant with my son, and yes, a prenatal belly dance class is as fascinating as it sounds. I loved it but didn't continue after my son was born. Then my cousin invited me to join her in a hula hooping class at a local fitness studio. I said "helz yes" with absolutly no hesitation. And that is when my life transformed.

It was there that I met Maggie. A spicy little red-head with endless energy and dedication, her enthusiasm was contagious. And so I fell in love with hooping. But I also fell in love with the fitness studio and all the wondrous, awe-inspiring ladies who call it their second home.  DL Fitness is a pole fitness studio, so it only made sense that I give pole class a try. Maggie and Lisa  made it look so effortless and graceful. I was hesitant (I have no grace. or coordination. or strength) but decided to go for it. And I fell in love. And it's so NOT easy. Pole is the most physically demanding exercise I have ever tried. It works the entire body, builds strength and confidence; and here's the best part: ANYONE can learn to do it! Even me!

I'm starting this blog today to document my journey in pole fitness as well as to hopefully inspire others who may feel intimidated to give it a try. At worst you'll hate it and never do it again. At best you will fall in love like I did, gain strength, gain confidence, and meet some amazing women just like you.

                                                                                       With love,
                                                                                       The Flying Bambino