Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 ~ My Pole Inception

May 6th, 2012. One day that started an obsession. My first pole class. As the year comes to an end it's a perfect time to look back and reflect on lessons learned, goals achieved, wins and losses. 7 months ago when I stood in that first class feeling awkward, weak, and clumsy I never thought that I was on my way to coming into my own.

That first month of classes didn't go so well. It was a choreography class that moved a little too fast for my learning style. I need to take things slow and repeat, repeat, repeat. By the end of it I still didn't know the routine and could barely lift myself off the ground. I felt about as graceful as a sack of potatoes. But determination had set in so I stuck it out another month. I could feel myself getting a little stronger but not enough to really advance in skill level. The realization hit me that once a week was not going to be enough if I was going to get good at this. I bought a monthly unlimited membership to DL and (thanks to my loving family) started spending more time in the studio. Since then it's been a slow steady climb, but I can feel it... improvement.

In October I reached my first goal. An inverted crucifix. The mount was assisted and less than graceful, but I held on as tight as i could with my poor little knees and then i did the unthinkable. I let go!

And there it is, the moment I realized I was hooked. (literally) I got my first outside leg hang down in November, pulled off a dragonfly and even managed a leg switch (holy ouch)!

November 1st DL moved to a new, much larger studio and I was introduced to the amazing world of aerial silks. A new love was born. That first class I learned to climb and key, I also completed the first balance sequence by the end of those four weeks, and this month I am trying to master the "candy cane". There is no better feeling than finally getting that trick you've been working on down. (or up, as the case may be.)

                                                  (This pic is my first attempt! So proud!!)

In early December I attended my first pole jam with Samantha Star. This was my first time getting instruction from someone outside the studio, it was so much fun. I learned new moves, new style and new outlooks. She focuses on building blocks and gave me a lot to work on that will help me get strong and improve muscle memory. I hope that I can do many more pole activities in the coming year and meet many more members of the pole community. Everyone has their own style and every single pole cat out there is an inspiration.

Ok, here we go, pole goals for 2013:
~ Spend 2- 3 days per week at the studio for at least 2 hours each day
~ Chopper, chopper, chopper! (one of my failures of 2012)
~ Convert to a mostly paleo diet to help build muscle and advance
~ Attend pole jams and workshops outside my comfort zone
~ Go to X-Pole training session in January and make the most of it!!!
~ Make it through intermediate pole to advanced
~ Try an Aerial hoop
~ Perfect climbing (both pole and silks)
~ Remember to take things slow
~ Make new pole friends and continue to be inspired!

I'm really excited about the upcoming year. I feel big changes on the horizon, I can't wait to share them with all of you.


<3 <3 <3

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm coming out (so you better get this party started)

This months blog hop topic is coming out of the pole closet. Being new
to the pole community my experience on this topic is limited but
overall mostly positive.

When I first went to the pole studio it wasn't for a pole class. It
was hula hoop that brought me in the door and I must admit it was
rather reluctantly. My expectations of a pole studio included a bunch
of Barbie doll shaped bitchy bleached blondes. That couldn't have been
further from the truth. There were women of all ages, shapes and
sizes. All friendly, confident and super supportive of each other.

A community.

And beyond my wildest expectations, I fit in there. In fact, I feel
like I've known these girls forever, and now I can't imagine life
without them.

Of Course I feel ridiculous for my prior stereotyping. But this is the
stigma society has placed on this sport, leaving it up to those of us
who love it to change this way of thinking.

How have reactions to my new love been? Well, there's my husband. He
was the one who pushed me to take a pole class in the first place.
"You'll never know if you like it if you don't try". Too true. (He
held the spot light at the opening party. Best job ever)

My family. My mom is totally supportive and came to the DL grand
opening. As did my two sisters. One of whom just finished her first
pole class and the other wants to sign up as soon as she has some
money. My dad laughs at my shenanigans but would be happy for me if I
finally found my way out of corporate America.

Then there are my friends. So far all have been supportive. Some said
"Uummmm, good for you but that's not for me." Others have said "I wanna
take a class with you!"

So, after reading some of the other coming out stories, some involving
tears, I believe I am blessed with amazing family and friends. I only
hope that it continues this way as I'm only a few months in. Either
way, it's all good now. I have the pole dance community to lean on and
gain strength from. I am thankful for all of you.

If you are interested in this topic check out some great reads here: 

Much love!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Grand Re-opening!

This weekend was DL's grand re-opening celebration and the turnout couldn't have been better! I was behind the desk most of the night welcoming guests, selling raffle tickets and serving drinks. I did get to sneak a peak at a few of the performances though and they were amazing!

There was Mercedes demonstrating color guard (which will be offered at the studio starting next month) then Lauren gave a high energy black light Zumba demo. I'm not sure hips are supposed to move that fast? Lauren is incredible. Following that Maggie wowed the crowd with a LED hoop performance. I saw jaws drop in the crowed and heard more than one murmur of "I didn't know a hoop could do that!"

The main act was a pole dance routine with Lisa and her instructors. Their costumes were to die for, Lisa in her white ring leader outfit couldn't have looked more perfect. All the girls really nailed their performance, they were so much fun to watch. The star of the show was definitely Maggie. She tricked out all night above the crowds awestruck expressions on both pole and silks.

Everyone who came had a great time. I'm more inspired than ever to get up on that pole! Hopefully a few views of what pole is all about were changed that night. Every one should experience the confidence that finally perfecting that pole move brings!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A.K.A. - My Pole Persona

I LOVE Halloween. Always have. Here in New England we have the beautiful Autumn colors and and that tantalizing fragrance of fallen leaves. My mom always went over the top and made Halloween extra special with handmade costumes and the best Halloween parties for all my friends. Our house was always one of the most decorated in the neighborhood. I'm talking fog machines and scary music, a graveyard in the front yard and family members dressed up waiting to scare kids as they come up the walkway. Heaven.

The best part is on this day it is socially acceptable to "dress up". Being able to say "I'm not Beth, I'm Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile!" It's the one day a year you can be whoever, or whatever you desire. "I'm gonna wear a vampire cape, fangs and a big pink tutu to work today and that's ok! It's Halloween!"

I love the idea of changing your whole persona. Having multiple yous. Over this Halloween season I've been thinking a lot about creating a "pole persona". A lot of people use them for various reasons. When I'm dancing or doing tricks I transform from the mom of two who sits on the sidelines at soccer games and works on a computer in a cubicle all day long into the "Flying Bambino!" of my childhood dreams. So I have decided to create a pole alias.

I went through a lot of options but kept coming back to the same name. Emmalyne Lilly. Emmalyne is a name I heard once in a novel and immediately fell in love. I can't exactly explain why, it just struck me as old worldly and elegant. Lilies were the main flower in my wedding bouquet and the one flower I raise (and baby) in my back yard.

So, if you see Emmalyne on the pole blogs say hello! I would love to hear the stories of where everyone else got their pole names!

Halloween love,
Emmalyne (!!)

Update 1/4/2013:
Soooo, I'm not feeling it anymore. I gave it a try and I love that name but I want my real name to better fit with my pole persona so I can use them interchangeably. I decided I will go with Elysabeth. This may be less confusing to all (especially me) as I start to blog more and become more involved with the pole community.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why pole dance?

This is so true!!! I think about this when watching "The Walking Dead" every weekend. No Zombies are gonna get me, I can climb a pole!

             From Leen at Pole Dancing Adventures:

Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!
<3 <3 <3

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spaghetti Arms

It seems the universe has been against me working out lately. From a phone call in the middle of pole class informing me of a gas leak in my house and having to rush from class; to being confined to the house without power by hurricane Sandy. For one reason or another I haven't had an hour pole class in over a week.

Long hiatuses make me worry about muscle memory. I have spaghetti arms. No matter how hard I try, I can't get any definition in them. Then I finally start feeling stronger and somehow a week goes by... How long can you go without poling before you lose the muscle memory and have to start over again?

When I first started I was taking classes once a week. I found advancing near impossible. For me I require at least twice a week in order to move forward. Is it the same or similar for everyone? Does diet play a more important role than I realize? (Meaning to work on this...)

I plan on taking at least 3 classes a week for the month of November. My goal for the month is simple: to be able to invert myself somewhat gracefully without help. Hopefully 3 classes a week will get me there before Thanksgiving. Patience is so not my thing!

Maybe Santa will bring me a pole for Christmas. Practice every day would be a dream come true!

I hope all my east coast people are safe and sound after the hurricane!

Much love,

Monday, October 22, 2012


Spent the day at the studio yesterday. Most of the day behind the desk, but I did get in a few hours of class time. What I learned ---> do not take intermediate class after boot camp. I feel like I may be hindering my progress by taking on too much. By the time I get to inversions I'm too sweaty to stop myself from slipping right off the pole. However, I am gaining strength. It's just such a slow process for me.

Must have patience, must have patience, must have patience.

So hard in this time of instant messaging and social networking. Everything is expected as of yesterday. When my computer takes 5 minutes to load I start clicking buttons feverishly. "why won't you load, dammit?!" why can't I just do a fallen angel that looks graceful and doesn't rip the skin from my arm off?!

I feel like Varuca Salt from Willy Wonka. "I want the world. I want the whole world. I want to lock it all up in my pocket, it's my bar of chocolate, give it to me NOW".

My goal for next week: improve my climb and sit. My goal for the following week: perfected fallen angel. "and if I don't get the things I am after.... I'm going to SCREAMMMMMMmmmm"

- The FB

Thursday, October 18, 2012


When I was little my mom used to play a game with my sister and me, she would lay back on her bed and balance us on her feet above her head. She called us "The Flying Bambinos!" and said we would be trapeze stars someday. I had this vision of myself in a white sequined ensemble, all glimmering radiantly as I soar through the air under the big top. Alas, that dream never materialized. Even now as I hunker at my desk job under the yellowing florescent lighting, I still carry that fantasy in the back of my consciousness. I try to add a bit of sparkle to everything I do, but I'm finding the office more and more draining and depressing. I'm full of aches and pains from sitting at a computer all day and my mind has turned to pudding from the uninspired monotony of the day to day routine. I am looking for a creative outlet. Something to get the mind and the blood flowing. Something to make the inner child squee.

I tried yoga, which I do enjoy, but it just didn't have the level of fun i was seeking. I took a belly dance class when I was pregnant with my son, and yes, a prenatal belly dance class is as fascinating as it sounds. I loved it but didn't continue after my son was born. Then my cousin invited me to join her in a hula hooping class at a local fitness studio. I said "helz yes" with absolutly no hesitation. And that is when my life transformed.

It was there that I met Maggie. A spicy little red-head with endless energy and dedication, her enthusiasm was contagious. And so I fell in love with hooping. But I also fell in love with the fitness studio and all the wondrous, awe-inspiring ladies who call it their second home.  DL Fitness is a pole fitness studio, so it only made sense that I give pole class a try. Maggie and Lisa  made it look so effortless and graceful. I was hesitant (I have no grace. or coordination. or strength) but decided to go for it. And I fell in love. And it's so NOT easy. Pole is the most physically demanding exercise I have ever tried. It works the entire body, builds strength and confidence; and here's the best part: ANYONE can learn to do it! Even me!

I'm starting this blog today to document my journey in pole fitness as well as to hopefully inspire others who may feel intimidated to give it a try. At worst you'll hate it and never do it again. At best you will fall in love like I did, gain strength, gain confidence, and meet some amazing women just like you.

                                                                                       With love,
                                                                                       The Flying Bambino